The Vale of Atholl

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Dance details

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Name: The Vale of Atholl Type: Jig Times & Bars: 8 X 32
Set: 4 Couple Longwise Minimum couples required 3
Devised by: Evelyn Murray Year[1] 2008
Published in: A Book of Perth Dances
Music: "The Duke of Atholl's Jig" by Ron Gonella

Dance instructions

We are very sorry but the instructions for this dance are not currently available on this site.


"The tune was first performed during a historic Murray Clan Society dinner at The Atholl Arms Hotel, Blair Atholl with His Grace The Duke of Atholl as Guest of Honour. The dance illustrates both ther pastoral and craggy mountainous aspects of the region."[2]

The music "The Duke of Atholl's Jig" is 64 bars long and the dance is only 32 bars therefore the dance is danced through twice for each time through the tune.


  1. Year denotes the year in which the dance was devised or first published
  2. A Book of Perth Dances, page 22